Discover the benefits of our electrostatic approach.

The evolutionary trajectory exhibited by modern day pathogens demands a new approach for managing cross-contamination and microbial loads. That’s why here, at Integrity Cleaning, we offer a truly revolutionary alternative for disinfecting & sanitizing your surfaces, objects and spaces.
It’s called electrostatic spray cleaning and it enhances not only the cleanliness, ​but the actual health of your workplace.

Harmful bacteria are rarely restricted to the front side of objects and visible spaces. More often, pathogens accumulate on the backside of objects and along less visible places.

This is where electrostatic disinfecting comes in to play.
While conventional cleaning fails to eliminate bacteria in the most hard-to-reach places, the attractive properties in electrostatic spray droplets inherently apply disinfectant in a 360 degree, wraparound manner.

This electrostatic wraparound works to eliminate over spray while actively eliminating bad odors on a molecular level. 

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